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Michael Schulist Locker

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Get Involved!

Yes Volunteer Service - Help our community, gain valuable skills, and make a difference! You will be recognized at our graduation for having 20 or more hours of volunteer service.


See the world population as it increases - in real time! Be sure to scroll down on this page, where you will find real time figures about earth sustainability - like "Tons of Waste Dumped This Year," and "How Many Earth's Needed To Sustain Our Current Needs."


Help Combat Climate Change! - 350Marin offers actions that young people can take to make a positive difference in creating a sustainable earth.


Register to help design a Marin County health app! - Password: password: Hack4H3a1thN0w.  Saturday, April 1, 2017. Marin County Office of Education.

Extra Credit!

  1. Extra Credit Opportunities:

    1. Read Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens. Fill out a worksheet for each chapter completed.
    2. Fill out an unused Proactive Privilege card. (Schulist Only. Please read ...more

Science Competitions

Below are science competitions, which give an opportunity for my outstanding students to challenge themselves to do real science, investigate, innovate,  and with the guaranteed opportunity to learn and the possibility to win!


Bright Schools Competition - Investigate and research the relationship between sleep and performance. First place team wins $5000. Projects due Feb. 5, 2017


Breakthrough Science Challenge! - Win a $50,000 prize!


Tech Challenge - Design and build a device to help explorers cross an ice field with multiple ravines..

Textbook Online

To access the online 8th grade science textbook, go to Prentice Hall


Enter User Name: Panther2255


Enter Password: MCPanther1

How Parents Can Help Their Student Succeed.


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Science News and Information

April and May, 2016

What are we studying? Ask your child about:

  1. Forces and Motion! We are building cars and newton scooters, analyzing bicycles, creating graphs of motion, calculating speeds in our ...more

Michael Schulist

Student Survey

Earth Week Video - By Emily and Angela


Interview a Scientist! Links to find scientists

Welcome to Science with Mr. Schulist

Welcome to Science with Mr. Schulist

Welcome to 8th Grade Science 2016-17

Dear Students and Parents,

I am looking forward to the upcoming year of 8th grade science. The three 8th grade science teachers - myself, Mrs. Woods and Mr. Lunde, have been busy this summer ...more

Science Supply Wish List

During the course of the year in 8th grade science, we use a number of simple materials for labs, activities and experiments. We would greatly appreciate donations of any of the supplies listed ...more

Thank You CAN DO!

Your support of the Dixie Can Do Foundation is greatly appreciated! Their support allows the amazing technology we make use of in the classroom (Smart Board, projector, MacBook Pro computers, great tech support), The Miller Creek Jazz Combo and many other clubs, and money for the supplies that are used to run my science class. Click here to learn more and make a donation!

Screen shot 2012-09-10 at 12.08.51 PM.png

The Miller Creek Jazz Combo

The Miller Creek Jazz Combo performs and records jazz at events in Marin County. Our goal is to have fun learning to improvise, play, and understand jazz and funk music. Check out music, videos and pictures here.


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Science Journal

Science Journal – New Journal Started February 6, 2017.

All work must be glued neatly on the pages shown below.


Information/Worksheet Found on that page

Thinking about speed (Denise Meuller ...more

Hydrogen Balloon on Fire

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Science in the News Online Links

Science Daily - Use the link for the most complete collection of science in the news articles

Science For Kids - A great source for more simplified articles.

DogoNews - Interesting and simplified science articles.  - This site allows you to adjust the reading level of articles. A great way to simplify concepts if needed!

Science News For Kids - Great articles from science news, but simplified

Medical News -  - For health related news. Be sure to use news articles (scroll down) and not informational articles. - Use this link to easily create a bibliography. 

Easy Bib Exploration - View a screen cast about using Easy Bib









Period 1 Whoosh Bottle (#1)

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Supplies for 2016-17 School Year

  1. One Spiral Notebook (8.5 by 11 in. only please) with 100 - 200 pages of binder paper, with a pocket to hold loose papers.

  2. One Folder with pockets for loose papers (Mrs. Woods’ and Mr. Lunde’s class ...more

What is an Ionic Bond?

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Science YouTube Channel

Visit the Miller Creek 8th Grade Science Youtube site!

You will find:

1. The best videos for each area of curriculum we cover

2. Videos made right here in our classroom

3. Element Infomercial Videos

htt ...more

Links to Element Information