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Ms Gazzaniga

Ms Gazzaniga Locker

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Spanish 1b

To get on the Supersite, you need to register.  Go to this link....


Unit 6 test Tuesday and Wednesday.  You will need to know....


Quizlet sets Vocabulary 6.1,  Vocabulary 6.2 ,  "Irregular Preterit" , and  6.1 Preterite Review   be helpful to prepare.


Conjuguemos is also a good website.  



6th Grade Wheel!

Esta Semana...¡La Ropa!


Click here for quizlet on la ropa.


Click here for Cosas de la Clase test.

Textbook Information and Class Expectations. Please Read....

Queridos Padres,

¡Hola!  I am excited to have your child in Spanish this year.  This is a fun and challenging elective. We cover the first year of high school Spanish in two years so we can get very in depth with it and have a lot of fun at the same time. I started teaching at Miller Creek in 1995 and I am thrilled to be teaching a subject I am very passionate about.


Your child will take home a textbook by Wednesday, August 24.  We are lucky to have enough textbooks to keep a class set in the classroom and to allow your child to have one at home.  Your child is responsible for the book he/she brings home.  It should be covered and it should stay home.  Of course, I will ask that he/she return it at the end of the year.  It will be used to complete homework (some assignments are straight from the book) and to study for quizzes and tests.


Also, please read the other side for my class rules, standards and expectations.  After you have read both pages, please fill out the form (there is a link on my website).  My website on School Loop will also have the daily assignments as well as notification of upcoming tests and quizzes.   If you have any questions, concerns, etc. please contact me at Miller Creek any time you desire.    My e-mail is .


Once again, I would like to extend a warm welcome and encourage you to get in contact with me at any point during the coming months.  Thanks for your support and I look forward to seeing, speaking and meeting with you soon.




Maria Gazzaniga


Spanish Class Standards and Requirements



  1. Be Safe            

        a. Enter the class respectfully and quietly

        b.  Keep your hands and feet to yourself


  1. Be Responsible

    1. Be on time, in your seat, and quiet when bell rings

    2. Turn in homework assignments on time

    3. Bring school supplies (pen or pencil, paper and binder or notebook with Spanish section) every day


  1. Be Respectful

    1. Do not leave a mess (no gum, food or hats in class)

    2. Raise your hand to be called on before talking or getting out of  your seat.

    3. Listen while classmates and teachers speak

    4. Do not distract yourself and other students by talking out of turn.




Students will be graded on oral participation, written assignments and tests.  There will be homework approximately four days a week (Monday through Thursday-no homework Fridays).  Graded papers will be returned at the beginning of the next class.   Students are responsible for completing and turning in all work on time, and for finding out what they missed in the event of an absence.  Late assignments will result in a lowered grade.  Assignments that are not turned in will receive an automatic grade of an “F”.  Report card grades will consist of an average of all homework and tests.  Grading scale is as follows:


94 – 100 = A

90 - 93 = A-

87 – 89 = B+

84 – 86 = B

80 – 83 = B

77 – 79 = C+

74 - 76 = C

70 – 73 = C-

67 – 69 = D+

64 – 66 = D

60 – 63 = D-

59 or below = F




Meet this Wednesday if you want to help with Teacher gifts.  If you're working book fair, listen to bulletin for updates/meeting times.

World Language Department

Mme Winnett, Maestras Gazzaniga y Santucci


¡Hola!  My name is Maria Gazzaniga.  I have taught Spanish at Miller Creek since 1995.  I am married (my real name is Maria Lubamersky...Gazzaniga is my maiden name) and we live in San Rafael with our three boys. 


Please contact me anytime via e mail at or via phone at 492-3760.  The best time is before school from 8:00-8:30 or after school from 3:00-3:30.

Summer 2016