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4.1.20 COVID-19 Community Update
Posted 4/1/20

Governor Newsom’s announcement today that schools will continue distance learning for the remainder of the school year was consistent with the language shared in yesterday’s communication from State Superintendent Tony Thurmond.  


While these communications appear to forecast school closures for the remainder of the year, we maintain close collaboration with the Marin Health and Human Services (HSS) officers and are following their most recent Shelter-at-Home order which has not been extended beyond May 3rd at this time. However, given the Governor’s announcement today, we will plan to continue remote learning for the remainder of the school year unless we receive direction that students can return earlier. 


As cases of COVID-19 are growing and officials make difficult, yet critical decisions to keep us healthy, the extension of the physical closure of schools is a decision as difficult as they come. If you are feeling heartbroken, you are not alone. Although we are committed to remote learning, we must recognize this shift in learning culture is significant.


This announcement will impact students differently. We serve a number of students that find safety and respite in the structure and community that school provides. We have students that never imagined their school year closing in this way. We understand that this announcement brings up questions about promotion ceremonies, grading / report cards, and a trimester worth of essential learning. We will continue to problem solve, adjust, and partner with our staff and parent organizations as we steer our organization in this new and unprecedented direction.


School is not over and we will most certainly put all our efforts into strengthening our delivery of education through remote learning. What we are experiencing is beyond our small school district and the health of our community is the top priority. Let’s continue to meet this challenge with kindness, grace, flexibility, and a focus on continuous improvement on behalf of students.