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Panther Press | May 17, 2020 | Issue 35
Posted 5/15/20

Tenisha Tate-Austin, Principal

Derek Lecy, Assistant Principal

May 18 A-Week Remote Learning Continues and W.E.B. Application Deadline
May 25 Memorial Day Holiday- No School
June 11 Last Day of School


Hello Panther Families, 


Students will have the opportunity to return to campus the week of June 1st in order to collect personal items from their Academic and PE lockers and to return all text and library books. We are in the process of creating groups of 12 which will be staggered 20 minutes apart. Each group will be arranged alphabetically and according to grade level with a preassigned day and a preassigned arrival time. Students will be expected to adhere to the social distancing guidelines. Please note that a schedule of days and times will be sent at a later date. In order to ensure safety, we strongly suggest that you accompany your student to clean out their lockers and return books. All locker exteriors have been disinfected, and we will have someone available to disinfect locker exteriors in between groups. Staff will be present to supervise each area. Students should bring all text and library books from home to return on their assigned day and time. We will not be providing individual communications about outstanding books. Please see below the suggested list of books by grade level.  

In an effort to maintain social distance and safety for students and staff, student access to lockers and the library will be staggered to ensure that only one student at a time is present in each area. Students will only have a limited number of minutes to gather their personal items and return their text and library books to the library before they will need to move off campus. Therefore, this time must be used efficiently. If students do not remember their locker combination, a custodian will be available to cut the lock. It is important to bring a bag to collect items from the lockers and discard any trash in the trash cans provided. Please remember, this is not a time to sort through personal items. When students have emptied their lockers and returned their books to the library, they should immediately leave campus so we can prepare for the next group of students. 


June 8th will be the make up day for families who were unable to attend the previously assigned day. It is important to make an effort to attend your student’s assigned days and times as we are working hard to create a schedule which allows for 693 students to safely return to campus. 


Suggested List of Books by Grade Level 

  • 6th grade- library books, math 

  • 7th grade- library books, math, social studies, foreign language

  • 8th grade- library books, math, history, foreign language

Miller Creek School District Remote Learning Site

Please click here to access this page on our district website.


Graduation 2020

We are extremely excited to celebrate our 8th grade graduates. Miller Creek has formed an 8th Grade Graduation Committee that has been working diligently to create a unique and memorable experience for students and families. Although things will look differently than they did in the past, we are finding many ways to honor our students. Expect some fun new surprises. This is an opportunity to think creatively and innovate some of Miller Creek’s past graduation traditions, making them more meaningful to students and families. If you haven't already submitted your child's photo please do so immediately. Please send your photo to no later than Wednesday, May 20th. If we do not receive a photo by 5/20, your student's yearbook picture will be used.


Also, in the spirit of community celebration, Can Do! will be providing lawn signs to honor our 2020 graduates at no cost.  


If you would like to receive a lawn sign, please fill out the form here no later than Wednesday, May 20th as we will not be able to process requests after that date.

  • Due to social distancing requirements, there is no school pick-up for signs; lawn signs will be delivered by parent volunteers. 

  • To protect your child's privacy, no names or pictures will be displayed on the lawn sign.

We would like your feedback on two quick items. Please have your student complete this quick survey. I will communicate an update in next week's Panther Press.

Bike Week Begins  

Get out there and ride! Checkout the attached flyer with great tips and guidelines for this fun week. 


Students who take the Bike Week: Ride On Quiz by clicking here will be entered into a raffle drawing for one $50.00 gift card to Sports Basement, Patagonia, or Proof Lab. Winners will be announced by Safe Routes on June 10, 2020. 


Good luck and happy riding!


Attention 7th-grade parents: WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) is recruiting a new group of student leaders for the 2020-21 school
year. WEB is a peer mentoring and transition program for incoming students, and we are looking for around 50 energetic and caring leaders to apply. Students were sent the application through their School Loop account. Applications are due May 18th. We encourage all 7th graders to apply! 


We all know that maintaining healthy social connections is so important for our mental health.  Students and families have shared how difficult it has been to be physically distant from friends, family members, and teachers. The Mayo Clinic offers some advice on how we can stay connected to others.


If you notice your child needs mental health support or help connecting with others, please reach out to MC counselors, Cheryl Jacobs and Ashley Marty. Miller Creek counselors are connecting daily with students in groups, 6th-Grade Panther Chats, and individual sessions.  Let us know how we can support you and your family.

MCMS Home & School Club Needs You!

Dear fabulous parents,


MCMS has a very strong and fun HSC Board that will be headed by Jen Belair next year, and we have some important roles to fill. Meetings will be held the third Friday of the month (8:30am-9:45am).


If you are interested in any of these, please contact for more information. 


Thank you!!

Mary Rosenthal, current MCMS HSC President


  1. Treasurer (description upon request)
  2. 6th Grade Rep - 3 (shared role - 1 from each elem school)
  3. Spring Fundraiser co-chairs (need 3)
  4. Garden Club Leader
  5. Orchestra Volunteer Coordinator
  6. Picture Day(s)
  7. Staff Appreciation Lunch Coordinator

  • An octopus has three hearts.
  • On May 21, 1927 Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris, completing the first nonstop trans-Atlantic flight.
  • The ZIP in the ZIP code stands for Zone Improvement Plan.
  • "Disco" means "I learn" in Latin.
  • The letter "J " is the only letter in the alphabet that does not appear on the periodic table of the elements.