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Classroom Wish List


used or new pencils (with or without erasers)

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Want an Extra Math Challenge?

Go to Math Forum ( and complete the primary, Math Fundamentals or Pre-Algebra challenge problem. Work should be thorough and correct. It's okay to work with a partner! There are new problems each week and they are due by the date shown on the site. (You can look at previous problems and answers too!) 

CPM: College Preparatory Mathematics


The sixth grade math class uses the Core Connections 1 book.


The math 7/8 clas uses both Core Connections 2 and 3.

Mrs. Tervet

Cool place to review vocabulary! Check this out for Math 6 (Core Connections, Course 1) and Math 7 (Core Connections, Course 2)

Supply List for Math 6 and 7/8

  1. 2 Sharpened Pencils EVERY DAY
  2. A small hand-held sharpener or extra lead for mechanical pencils
  3. 2 correcting pens- any color that is easily read

Miller Creek, with the help of Can Do!, provides each student with a graph paper notebook which students will receive in class.

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

I am looking forward to partnering with students and parents to create a year of growth in math class. This is my seventeenth year at Miller Creek and I am happy to be teaching math 6 and math 7/8. I have found the online resources for our textbook to be super helpful and have collected some subject specific information for you to refer to on the math 6, 7 and math 8 links. Please do refer back to these pages, as I will be adding information throughout the school year. 


Afternoon Tea with my family: Mr. Tervet, me, Liz and Maddy
Afternoon Tea with my family: Mr. Tervet, me, Liz and Maddy
Yoga at the beach in Fort Bragg, summer 2015
Yoga at Fort Bragg, summer 2015
Karen Tervet Locker