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Concert policies and dress code

Concert policies and dress code

Our concerts represent the culmination of all our work in class. Each singer is an irreplaceable part of our chorus, and we need everyone to be present for our performances.  Also, performances are a part of the curriculum and a required school activity.  Here's everything you need to know about our attendance policies and dress code:


1.  Concert attendance is mandatory. Students will be excused from a concert ONLY in the following cases: serious illness (if you have a cold, you should still come; even if you can’t sing, there will be ways for you to participate and earn a good grade for the concert), death of a family member, hospitalization of a family member you live with.  The following reasons will generally not be considered excused absences: athletic practices or events, rehearsals for extracurricular arts organizations, lessons, homework, vacations, having to babysit a younger sibling.


2.  Concert participation makes up 30% of your grade during any trimester in which we have performances. For middle school students: At the discretion of the director and Miller Creek administrators, extra credit for missed concerts in the case of excused absences may be available.  If extra credit is assigned it will be in the form of a research paper or essay, and will have a deadline by which it needs to be completed.


3.  At concerts, students are expected to be on their best behavior.  We are all representing our chorus, our school and our community when we appear together in public. The way we act should communicate the message that we are committed to high standards of musicianship, and that we have respect for ourselves and others.


4.  Because we are seen before we are heard, we will all wear appropriate clothes at our performances. 


ON TOP: Blue "Miller Creek Music" t-shirt. These are available for purchase through any music teacher and cost $10.


ON BOTTOM: You have a choice:


1. A black skirt or dress, with black stockings/leggings and black closed toed shoes.  Skirts should be of medium length (just below knee length) or lower.


2. Black pants (no jeans), black socks, and black shoes.


3. Long hair needs to be off the shoulders (and tied back in a ponytail if necessary) to create a more uniform look on stage. Makeup and jewelry should be minimal and tasteful.