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Janai Meschery

Welcome to the 2018/2019 school year !!

I am looking forward to another great year at Miller Creek, learning and spending time with both my 6th and 8th grade students. This is my 22nd year teaching at Miller Creek and I continue to truly enjoy spending five days a week with middle school students! 

I currently reside in Petaluma with my husband, fifteen year old daughter Carson (who's entering 10th grade), and our dog Harlan.I received my bachelor of arts from a small private liberal arts college called Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois and did my post-graduate work to receive my teaching credential at Sonoma State University. I am a California native, growing up in Truckee, California and enjoy traveling with my family, reading, and treasure-hunting. (no deep-sea diving for lost ships, but frequenting flea markets and antique shops) 

Can Do!


In 1993, the Dixie Children's Fund was founded as the education foundation for the Dixie School District.  In August 2010, the Dixie Children’s Fund changed its name to Can Do!  Can Do! believes that our children are the future, and the mission of Can Do! is to raise funds to enrich the education of all Dixie School District students by providing them with the academic foundation to continue their education. Can Do! works in partnership with the District, site-based organizations and the community to give our children the best education possible.  To find out more about Can Do! please visit Thank you for your continued support!

Ms. Meschery and Family at Wrightsville Beach, NC (summer 2018)
Ms. Meschery and Family at Wrightsville Beach, NC (summer 2018)

YES Community Service Program

8th grade students are encouraged to complete a minimum of 20 "active" community service hours during the duration of their 8th grade year. Students will learn about volunteer opportunities and events through their homeroom teacher, homeroom YES representatives, the daily bulletin, and Ms. Meschery. (YES teacher advisor) The students will keep track of their hours by completing the YES volunteer form, making sure to describe the volunteer work they completed, indicating the date and hours worked, getting a supervisor and homeroom teacher signature, then filing the form in their homeroom YES box under the first letter of their last name. Students who complete a minimum of 20 "active" hours will receive a service pin to be worn on their graduation gown and be recognized at the end of the year assembly and at graduation.