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Creek Cafe Lunch

Creek Cafe Lunch Program

We are thrilled to announce that we will be rolling out a new lunch program @ MCMS this Fall. We are partnering with family favorite local vendors such as Marinwood Market and Gaspare’s Restaurant to bring delicious food hot off the grill right to our students. We are calling this new program the Creek Café Lunch Program; it will replace ChoiceLunch. Not only will our students be eating great lunches, but all profits will fund MCMS Home & School Club programs, directly benefiting all Miller Creek students.


To order Creek Cafe Lunch visit


The Highlights:

  • Convenient for busy families

  • Nutritious and delicious hot lunch for kids

  • Easy way to support vital education and enrichment programs at MCMS

  • Supports trusted locally-owned business vendors

  • Easy prepaid online ordering