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If you are going to doubt something, doubt your limits...
If you are going to doubt something, doubt your limits...

Lisa Johnson L

Supply List

Supply List for Spanish 1B: ‘18-’19 school year


Please note:  In order to minimize weight in your backpacks, you will not need to bring a Spanish book to class every day. Spanish books will be under your desks. Also, please consider using a 3-ring binder with only a few sheets of binder paper to help keep backpacks light. Helpful hint: ALWAYS COME TO CLASS WITH ALL THE WORK YOU HAVE COMPLETED IN THE CURRENT CHAPTER WE ARE WORKING ON.


  • Pocket folder OR 3 ring binder - This folder will be important for keeping all vocabulary sheets,  handouts, assignments, returned work, and other important papers for class.  A 3-ring binder is a great way to keep your work in the same place.

  • Binder paper - This can be loose paper that you keep in a binder, or paper that you tear out of a spiral notebook. 10-20 sheets is fine.

  • Blue and black ink pens


  • Plenty of SHARP  #2 pencils


  • Dry erase marker (1 or 2)- VERY IMPORTANT

  • A small piece of cloth or fabric to be used as an eraser (a clean sock that lost its mate works as well).


  • Small, hand held pencil sharpener


  • Colored Pencils - These pencils can be used for other classes as well.


  • 300 3x5 index cards for vocabulary words.


  • OPTIONAL - colored pens, such as Flair pens or thin Crayola markers, which can be used for presentation projects and posters that we will create in class. Spanish/English dictionary



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