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MC Virtual Clubs


6th Grade Homework Club Three Terra Linda High School Tutors will join us for a weekly Homework Club Mondays @ 2:30-3pm 

Art Club Mondays @ 2pm 


6th Grade Pet Club (Bring your Pet to Zoom) Tuesdays @ 10:45 am 

QSA Tuesdays after school, all grade levels welcome

7th and 8th Grade Games Club Tuesdays @ Lunch 


MathCounts Club 6th - 8th grade, twice a month on Wednesdays starting Nov. 4th at 11:20am


Mars Club - Thursdays @ 1:50pm with Ms. Caroline Dowd.

6th Grade Games (Panther Chat) Monday, Thursday and Friday during 6th Grade Lunch and Thursdays after school


Please have your student complete this form to receive a Zoom link for any of the MC’s Clubs/Groups.